? Twitter Update. And specifically, recycling Tweets.?

This is something I’ve happily done for years. I scheduled my (many) blog posts to be tweeted out regularly and it brought a huge amount of traffic to my website. Sadly, this is coming to an end because, a few days ago, Twitter announced that it will no longer allow tweets that are the same or ‘very similar’ to previous tweets to be tweeted more than once on an account. Ever.

They have done this to target spammers but it’s made things very tricky for small business owners who are connecting with potential customers, spreading a message or promoting products, services or events – I mean there are only so many ways you can say ‘book here’.

Same with my blogs.

There are only so many ways I can paraphrase them in a tweet.

A handful of tweets simply isn’t enough to get a message across, you need to be consistent and regular with your tweeting.

?What does this mean for small businesses? ?

Well, at the moment we’re all just watching and waiting to see what Hootsuite, Buffer and MeetEdgar etc come up with – realistically, there isn’t a lot they can do.

It means a big change in the way Twitter works for small businesses that don’t have teams of copywriters coming up with new content all the time. I suspect a lot will just leave because they can’t keep up with such a busy, fast platform that has turned so NEEDY!

But it might turn into a different type of social media platform as a result – less noise, more meaningful content.

Who knows?

Watch this space – in the meantime here is the Twitter blog for developers where they announced the many new restrictions – I’d grab a cuppa before you tackle this one! ->


Love, Claire xx