Marketing Success Camp


The 15-minute marketing system that works!

Life is crazy busy. 

You’re trying to build your business, but most days you only just manage to do the essentials.

Stuff like marketing gets added to your ever-growing to-do list for when you have “time to tackle it”. 

The trouble is, that elusive “time to tackle it” never seems to appear, no matter how hard you look or how long you wait.

That’s because everything feels like a BIG job.

Everything feels too big to tackle, so it never gets started.

And your business stays right where it is, never reaching its potential, never giving you what you deserve, after all your hard work.

Or you spend your precious free time watching endless promotional classes, promising secrets and tricks that will help you make more money in no time at all.

Except it doesn’t really work like that, because there is no magic button.

Before you know it you have information overload and you just want to cry.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, I’m not surprised.

I’ve just described the life of most small business owners I work with.

And sadly, unless you are lucky enough to find a way OUT, it never changes.

The great news is, IT’S YOUR LUCKY DAY! 

I have exactly what you need. 

I have a wonderful system for you that works. 

If you can find 15 mins a day, you can do this.

Tiny steps will take you miles. In a month you will see a difference. In a year, wowee!

You won’t recognise your business! 

The even better news is...even if you CAN’T find 15 minutes a day, I CAN help you find it.

Because you do have it, you’re just not spending it on the right things.

Marketing Success Camp is a system designed for CRAZY BUSY small business owners with BIG ambitions.

It’s a system made up of elements that work beautifully together, even when you are tearing your hair out.

what do my success campers say?

"I Can Learn At My Own Pace"

For me, the best part of MSC is being able to learn at my own pace, whilst still knowing I have a supportive community to turn to if I get stuck. I seem to have either loads of free time or no free time, but MSC allows me to take on more or less accordingly, so I don’t get bored waiting for everyone else to catch up or get stressed that I’m falling behind everyone else. It fits around me, rather than me fit around it.

~Lisa Twigg, Specialist HR Advisor

"Massive Focus In Goals"

I am loving being part of the Marketing Success Camp. It’s given me massive focus in my business and personal goals. Claire’s teaching is in a style that works for me. I would say doing my vision has made the most impact on me and super customer is still an ongoing challenge along with Facebook Ads. The Facebook group is a massive support where we can pick each other’s brain and help each other along the way.

~Marie Lea, Nail Couture - UK

"Such A Help Already"

Took 15 minutes today to look through all the content and watched the FB Messenger Video tonight and am super excited to have set up Sparkle - my bot! Subscribers are coming in thick and fast already so will set aside another 15 minutes tomorrow to think of a way to promote my bot! Claire has been such a help already and I'm only day two into the MSC! You have got me excited to market again! Thank you xx

~JoJo Lloyd, Designs From The Heart


Over 100 FAB bite-sized classes & courses...

...with ALL the marketing, social media, sales, confidence and productivity lessons you are going to need to grow your gorgeous business!

Plus: a monthly Q&A call with me, marketing expert Claire Mitchell...

...where you can pick my brains and ask me really specific questions about what’s not working in your business.

Plus: quick, daily accountability nudges

Plus: peer support in the Facebook group...

...from other Success Campers who get what it’s like to do this!

Plus: teeny how-to videos in the Tips Tent

Plus: weekly accountability emails from me... make you think like a business owner.

All in all, it's just what you NEED, if your business keeps taking a BACK SEAT, while life gets in the way!


Choose a class. Watch some or all of it.


implement what you learned yesterday.


Learn, implement. It works!


Tiny steps will take you miles.
If Marketing Success Camp sounds exactly what you need, give it a try.

what do more of my success campers say?

"Top Notch"

When I’m stuck for direction or ideas I know I can now enter my little magical space of knowledge and at the click of a button get all the inspiration and snippets of knowledge I need - in just 15 minutes if that’s all I have spare at the time. It’s even better when I am on a roll (which is what listening to Claire does for me) as I can listen for longer and get masses of sensible, no fluff advice and answers to a huge array of business dilemmas. Joining Marketing Success Camp was one of my better business decisions (and I’ve bought into a lot of ‘average’ courses/ memberships- this one is top notch).

~Sue Ingram

"Back On Track With Ideas"

I was feeling overwhelmed with my business. I had so many things I needed to do and had fallen behind but had no idea where to start. It’s was great to pick Claire’s brains on a campfire clinic call and I discovered I just lacked focus. I went back to the kickstart modules and the productivity pro and I’m back on track with more structured ideas to move my business forward.  Claire has a great way of saying how it is – without all the fluff – which makes things easy to understand and follow, and reminds you that not all businesses need to be super serious – you can have fun with it and inject your own personality into it.

~Angelina Clark, Intatwyne Designs

"So Easy To Navigate"

The advice, training and tips are exceptional. Being a sole trader is completely different than working for a large organisation...keeping up to date on new technology, apps and platforms when working alone can be an impossible task at times. What I love the most and what works for me is that I no longer sit in my shop worrying myself sick when it is quiet instead I login to the Camp and learn and implement new skills and I plan ahead. It’s so easy to navigate and dip in and out of - you can follow it from start to finish or you can dip in and out of the parts you need at a given time. This has helped my mental health too.

~Victoria Garside of Chocobella

Want in? Great!

It's JUST £37 per month for ALL THIS!

For access to classes and courses on all the marketing topics you need.

Oh and those new trends you keep seeing and wishing you could quickly learn about?

I cover them too. In a bite-sized way, of course. 

£47 might seem like a big investment but IMAGINE if you could just sell one more thing each day?
Or a couple more a week?

It won’t take much, once you start to learn and implement.

My goal is for you to use what you learn, get more sales and cover the cost of your monthly investment every month.

It’s easy to do, my Success Campers are ALREADY doing it.

Give it a try. It could be the making of you. And if you don’t like it, just cancel your subscription.

Easy peasy.
Claire x

Important Stuff 


£37 is approximately $49 USD, $65 AUD, $64 CAD or €42. Exchange rates vary, please check before you buy.

REMEMBER: If you can find 15 minutes a day, you can do this. Tiny steps will take you miles. In a month you will see a difference. In a year, wowee!

You won’t recognise your business!

"Feel More Confident"

I was short on time, but wanted to do something for my biz. Whilst I fixed my hair  & make up, I started the super customer module, I then finished it at lunch time. I feel far more confident in working out who my super customer is. All in the time it took to get ready! This is the first thing I’ve done and I’m already sold!! xx

~Darcey Button

"KInd of Addicted!"

Claire's courses give you that excitement & bring the love back into your business. I have just revisited some of the modules around two small children, and am excited to get going again. I love that I can work on a small section or big sections in my own time, although I'm kind of addicted too!

~Jenna Meredith

"Never Fails"

Whenever I feel like giving up on my business, I listen to one of the modules in Claire’s courses. Her positivity and enthusiasm are contagious and her advice never fails to get me back on track again.

~Tanya Sturges

"More Facebook Likes!"

When I joined Marketing Success Camp my Facebook page had 568 likes and I was quite pleased with this. I am doing the courses and taking time to try what I have learnt before doing the next one. My Facebook page now has 3954 likes which is amazing but now I want 4000 likes! 

~Cheryl Kennedy, AIW Autism Consultancy

"Needed To Invest In Myself"

Having recently made the switch from working in the corporate world to being a sole trader, I knew I needed to invest in myself to learn the skills I was missing. My investment in Marketing Success Camp has already exceeded my expectations and I have already seen a return on this expense through increased sales in my business. The bite size content in perfect for me as a busy mum as I can make progress throughout the day. Using the content in the portal has given me time to focus on implementing things in my business rather than figuring out how to use a program like Canva! It is also lovely to be part of supportive Facebook community too.

~Louise Green

"I've Really Smashed It!"

So I joined Claire's 'Facebook Live' last night about Messenger Chatbots and I've really smashed it!! The call finished around 9pm last night so I got busy getting all set up and woke up early this morning, went for a run and when I got back I logged on to a massive 103 subscribers, AND I've already planned and sequenced 35 short newsletters! So that's 35 weeks of work finished in less than 12 hours after subscribing!! I'm blown away by the response I've had so far... I really feel like my business has moved forward in a big way just from that one hour. Gosh once I get on with all the other MSC stuff I'll be flying!!

~Kath Routledge, Relax Kids Basingstoke

"I'm On My Way"

Facebook Ads Manager was incomprehensible to me until I watched Claire's videos on Marketing Success Camp.

Now, I may not be a pro, but I'm on my way!

~Laurie Jewell Evans

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