Wowser! A 5-Part, Year-Long Marketing Planner & Support System Designed For Awesome Women Business Owners - is that YOU?


Why? Because, unlike most planners out there (those you keep ditching) it's not just a gorgeous book. 

It's ALSO a really useful online PLANNER PORTAL with fab teaching videos and support.

It's lovely accountability tools, challenges and reminders.

It's a supportive Facebook group, so you never feel alone.

It's a beautiful A2 wall planner to help you plan.

It's all 5 and more. 

Let me explain: I've worked in marketing since 1993. I realise you may not even have been born then, which makes me feel a little old but what I've learned over all those years is this: Everyone knows they need marketing but hardly anyone does it regularly.

Most people have really good intentions but then they get busy, life takes over and marketing gets pushed to the back of the queue because, well, that's life!

Oh, and did I mention marketing can be very confusing, sometimes expensive and frustratingly time consuming for very little reward. If you're doing it wrong.

OR it can be an amazing part of your business that brings you lovely customers who spend lots of money, regularly and help you build a business you love and that pays you well.


PART 1: Your Beautiful A5 Planner Book*

A very practical but extremely gorgeous A5 marketing planner book that will make you smile every time you see it - AND that you will actually USE!

It's hardback, soft-touch and beautiful with full colour throughout, while being tough and durable.

It's made with extra-thick paper that is lovely to write on, fab to doodle on and perfect for colouring.

It's got 3 lovely place-marker ribbons so you can open your planner right where you left off.

It's got a built-in pink elastic to hold it closed (even when you've stuffed a month's receipts, some pizza coupons and 16 random business cards in there).

It's got a handy back pocket to store bits and bobs

It's got lovely sticker sheets because, well just because!


The LEARNING Stuff >>

At the front of your Marketing Planner book you'll find pages dedicated to helping you grow your business, along with a colourful 2018 year to view calendar.

I cover business planning, targets and goals, Super Customers, Blogging & Content, Sales Trains, Social Media, Marketing Planning, Mind Monkeys and more. I've made it easy to understand (I know you're too busy to go looking stuff up) and so you can get up to speed SUPER FAST, I've added LOADS of helpful extra videos, cheat sheets, extra planner sheets and downloadables in the second part of your system, the Planner Portal (more about that in a mo).

Fab Marketing Tips >>

At the start of every month you get a page of fab marketing tips and challenges to inspire and motivate you. Each month will focus on a marketing theme and you will have a challenge to accept, should you wish.

Super useful calendar >>

Every month in your planner you get:

  • A month to view spread, great for planning ahead
  • A monthly marketing tip spread with a monthly challenge to tackle
  • a month's worth of double page calendar spreads with equal space for each day of the week
  • A couple of mini-challenges each week in your calendar spread
  • A monthly social media planner spread 
  • A monthly money tracker spread with space for income & outgoings AND a separate sales tracker
  • A monthly target tracker spread to track the numbers that matter to you including social media, subscribers and video views plus space to create your own.
  • A monthly gratitude log, 'Me-Time' planner and scary things tackler.
  • a selection of random challenges, motivational quotes by awesome women and a few little surprises,

Social Media Planner >>

Every month you get a social media planner where you can plan your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn content for each day of the month.

Plan ahead >>

At the back you'll find a 2019 spread to help you plan ahead while you wait for your next Awesome Marketing Planner System.

You'll also get a lovely A2 wall planner to help you see what you're working on, in technicolour on your wall. What's not to love?

PART 2: The AWESOME planner portal

This is where the added awesome comes into play. Because there is only so much you can fit in a planner book and because a bigger planner might break your favourite handbag and cause sore shoulders, we decided to add all the things you definitely need into your very own online Planner Portal.

It's somewhere you can log in, find teaching videos to help you make the most of your planner book, help yourself to extra planner sheets, downloadable cheat sheets, colouring sheets and other fabulous goodies and access your MONTHLY PLANNER BUNDLES full of additional teaching, tips and goodies related to that month's marketing tips and challenge in your Awesome Marketing Planner book.

PART 3: Bum-Kicking Emails

If having the most gorgeous marketing planning book AND the most amazing, goodie-filled, prize-packed online Planner Portal wasn't enough to keep you interested, motivated and using your planner then this could make all the difference.

Every week you'll get an email from me. It will arrive on a Monday and will tie in with what's happening that week in your planner book. It's a reminder to look at your book, check our your monthly marketing bundle and get on with your marketing.

You'll get an additional email at the beginning of each month to let you know your monthly bundle has been released.

PART 4: The Facebook Group

facebook-ladyYou'll be invited to my super-special Awesome Planner Group on Facebook where you can hang out with other awesome business owners just like you.

We brainstorm, have networking threads and business showcase threads, share our successes and support each other. When we are working on our monthly challenges, I'll be nudging you along in here.

PART 5: Gorgeous A2 Wall Planner

Your fifth secret marketing weapon is a gorgeous A2 wall planner to help you keep your big dates and deadlines in full view. This was last year's version, to give you an idea of how it will look. It's going to be lovely.

"The Awesome Marketing Planner is better than the best marketing advice you will ever get, dressed up as a cupcake!"

Laura Wilson, Artist

So, are you in? IT'S ON SALE AT JUST £10 PLUS P&P


For a whole year's planner system - the gorgeous planner book, A2 wall planner, access to your planner portal, a Facebook group and bum-kicking emails. Bonkers!

Buy the 2018 Awesome Marketing Planner System™



Why Listen to Me?

I know a LOT about small business marketing and I know what you need.

I’m Claire Mitchell - I’m a business teacher and an author. I’ve got an MBA from the prestigious Durham University Business School, I’ve been in marketing since 1993 and I’ve been running The Girls Mean Business and helping women grow their business since 2012, so I know my stuff.

Thousands of women have learned about marketing & sales and got GREAT results from my blogs, e-books, classes and courses - they’ve also got more confidence, more focus and a PLAN. What’s not to love?

I’ve been featured in the Huffington post, Marie-Claire, Essentials, Closer and the Guardian. I’ve appeared on Ireland AM, The Apprentice UK, on BBC 2 and Radio One. Facebook invited me to be an inaugural member of their Small Business Client Council. I’ve written one book (SOS- Business Mum’s Survival Guide To The School Holidays) and I’ve got several more up my sleeve (well, in my head and on my computer actually) so watch this space!

What everybody is saying about the Planner!

"Having the planner helped me to properly focus my business and I have been able to focus my social media planning to reflect where my business is going. I love being able to keep track of my monthly money and the social media number tracker has been amazing!" Samantha Hinton

Ada's Designs

"The planner is brilliant. It has made me more focused and accountable for how I approach my business. I love being able to track my social media and the tips at the start of each month is probably my favourite bit and really inspired and helps my train of thought. The access to the portal is a real plus although I haven't used it as much as I'd liked which is one of my goals for the 2018 planner-which I can't wait to order- get more involved in the portal!

The other big positive is access to this group and all these other amazing business women. I don't always interact or post but I always dip in and love reading how everyone else is doing. A very supportive and uplifting community." Andree Girard-kemp

Womens' Bespoke Clothing, The House of ChickaDee

"The Awesome Planner took me from ground zero to a fully operational business in 10 months because it keeps you focused and you can track how far you have come whilst going at your own pace. The groups are full of wonderful, supporting and helpful people. It is hands down the best money I have ever spent on any of my businesses in the 5 years of being self employed." Karen Macleod

Mvere Fibres & Co

"Having the planner has made such a positive change to my business! It has helped to me get organised and focused. The planner is beautifully designed which keeps me looking at it and using it! The online portal is packed full of resources that have helped me grow my business. I can't wait to order the 2018 planner as soon as it comes out!" Natalie Benns

Weight Loss Hypnotherapist, Mrs Weightloss

"The Awesome Marketing Planner is not JUST a planner! Being part of the whole system gave me a beginner's insight into social media marketing and some great online networking opportunities at an unbelievable price. Completely worth every penny of investment." Victoria Wright

Medical Herbalist, The Living Herb

"Utterly brilliant system. The woman is quite simply a genius. The planner and portal are unique because it's so user friendly.. it takes the fear out of running your own biz and makes it fun. It makes everything achievable because the information and support is right there. I look at my planner and it makes me happy. It makes me feel like a success because I can see my success." Lisa Venables Wells

Massage Therapist, Wellsbeing Reflexology and Massage

"The awesome planner has totally changed my business in the way I organise everything!

It's enabled me to block time out effectively, adhere to deadlines and it's made me become so much more focused in my marketing month on month! I absolutely adore my planner and can't live without it now, plus the Facebook group is full of like minded, supportive awesome business owners too!" Hollie Ellis

Graphic Designer, Newcastle

"The awesome planner has helped me to keep track of my marketing as well as helping me to come up with new ideas. My ideas and plans used to be scattered over different notebooks and my diary and now they're all in one place. I'm more organised and less stressed. Best of all, I get to go into the fantastic Facebook group and talk to lots of lovely business owners?" Kirsty France

Copywriter, Kirsty France Writes

"This planner is the best money I have ever spent on my business. Not only did I get a great little planner to do lots of planning type stuff, I got a mini business course which totally changed how I run my business AND I got a whole new bunch of work colleagues who are right on hand to help with anything I need help with. Not just Claire who gives the best business teaching and advice you didn't even know you needed until the lightbulb moment, but also accountants, designers, coaches, crafty people and on and on. AND, just when you think you are done, you get a kick up the bum every week, just in case you were drifting off course.Whatever you need for your business you will find it in this little package." Laura Wilson

Artist, Laura Wilson Artist



WAS £39.99 NOW JUST £10 plus P&P for a whole year's planner system!

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