Your Affiliate Details


You can see all your referrals, payouts and account info on this page. You can also create links to any of my product sales pages to place in your own marketing using the affiliate URLs section below OR you can use the handy pictures we’ve uploaded for you by clicking Creatives.

Top Tip: Speaking as someone who has sold planners on an affiliate scheme in the past, by far the best way to promote them is to be yourself. Video yourself opening the parcel. Go through the book. Show people around the portal. Say what you love about it. Blog about it. Send an email out to your subscribers IF they are a good fit. Review it genuinely. Don’t do it for the money, do it to help people decide if it’s for them.

Important: It’s very important to do this with integrity, but I know you know that. It’s important to let people know you are an affiliate. I always used to say that I choose to be an affiliate for things I love, use and believe in because I would be spreading the word anyway. I love my brand and I want to protect it. If you see anyone NOT treating it with integrity, please let me know!

To get your affiliate commission the buyer MUST use your link. If they don’t use your link, we can’t track them and the system can’t award payment. If they buy without using your link, I’m sorry but we can’t award the commission. Make sure your link is all over your affiliate promotions – you can shorten it or make it look prettier using a link shortener like www.bitly.com. **SUPER IMPORTANT** In the UK we have a distance-selling law that gives consumers 14 days to change their minds and get a refund on physical products, once received. This means we have to wait 14 days from RECEIPT (not purchase) before we can pay your commission. 

Let’s Get Started: I have started out with some basic info here in the Affiliate Centre. It will automatically generate a link for you. You can use Bit.ly to shorten it if you want.


Love, Claire xx

affiliate help video from Claire Mitchell on Vimeo.







Would you like to be an affiliate for The 2018 Awesome Marketing Planner System, the Marketing Success Camp or any of The Girls Mean Business classes, courses or products?

If you love them, we will happily share our profit if you share the love!


If you love it and want to share it with your network, you could be earning a commission when one of your contacts buys.

There are quite lengthy terms attached to being an affiliate and they are necessary to protect us, our brand, our integrity and, of course, YOU. You can read the affiliate terms HERE!

The key things you need to know are that you can’t pass yourself off as The Girls Mean Business™, you must let people know on your promotions that you are an affiliate, you must act with honesty and integrity in respect of all Planner promotions and you mustn’t buy domain names or run ads to try and compete with MY promotions of my own products.

I’ve provided you with some images and wording you can use. You can, of course create your own images and promotions based on your own photos of your Planner system when you get it – in fact making it your own is a GREAT idea. Blogs are also fab.

I know it seems long and scary but I have a very precious and much loved brand to protect and I have to ensure it can come to no harm through well-meant but ill-advised affiliate promotions.

You can apply to be an affiliate here, I reserve the right to accept or deny applications.