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Claire’s secret weapon, includes over 20 proven strategies to inject cash, fast!

Read what my AMAZING women in business are doing with Quick Fix Money Maker! Claire x

“Buzzing with ideas!” I’m planning a new product launch, from B2B where I have been really struggling to B2C and I am buzzing. Some of the ideas I will put more thought into for my long term marketing, others will be put to use soon, and I’m only half way through! Brilliant course Claire I’m feeling really positive about my business when I haven’t been for months. Thank you x Claire Rogers

more Quick Fix Money Maker magic!

“I’m A Money Magnet Right Now” Hello everyone. I just gotta share this with you. I’m convinced that what has happened over the last 24 hours is the result of me watching the first of the Quick Fix Money Maker videos…I tell you, I’m a money magnet right now. (Don’t bring your mobile phones to close!) Can’t wait to watch the next few videos. Better pace myself so the bank don’t think I’m laundering money when they see a massive influx into my account…I’ll blame it on Claire Mitchell. Jane Johnson, Physiotherapist & Author

“This course is quite simply incredible!” I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing QFMM is – but I’ll try. The tips are brilliant and even after following the first tip (which isn’t even an official tip it’s just the intro) I had already made £400 with the potential for more! If you’ve done any of Claire’s classes you’ll know how well structured and put together they are and this one is no exception. If you’re wondering whether to do it – just do it! It is so worth the investment. Sue McKenna, Maldon Soap

It’s not just a book…

Do you have exciting goals for your business or life? Dreams you would love to make come true? Things you know you could achieve if you just put your mind to it? GREAT! So, what’s stopping you?

Actually I think I know. The trouble with goals (all the best ones, anyway) is that they are usually BIG and SCARY and feel DIFFICULT to achieve. Oh, and there is nobody and nothing to keep gently nudging you to make them happen. Am I right? Hmm, thought so. Except, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have goals you want to hit, but you need a helping hand to actually MAKE THEM HAPPEN, you will LOVE my Awesome Goals Journal System because I designed it for you.

It’s not just a book…
…this is your ultimate marketing planning system
“The planner is brilliant. It has made me more focused and accountable for how I approach my business.” I love being able to track my social media and the tips at the start of each month is probably my favourite bit and really inspired and helps my train of thought. The access to the portal is a real plus although I haven’t used it as much as I’d liked which is one of my goals for the 2018 planner-which I can’t wait to order- get more involved in the portal! The other big positive is access to the Facebook group and all these other amazing business women. I don’t always interact or post but I always dip in and love reading how everyone else is doing. A very supportive and uplifting community. Andree Girard-Kemp Womens' Bespoke Clothing, The House of ChickaDee


"Joining Marketing Success Camp: a better biz decision!"

When I’m stuck for direction or ideas I know I can now enter my little magical space of knowledge and at the click of a button get all the inspiration and snippets of knowledge I need – in just 15 minutes if that’s all I have spare at the time. It’s even better when I am on a roll (which is what listening to Claire does for me) as I can listen for longer and get masses of sensible, no fluff advice and answers to a huge array of business dilemmas. Joining MSC was one of my better business decisions (and I’ve bought into a lot of ‘average’ courses/ memberships- this one is top notch). Sue Ingram

"You have got me excited to market again. Thank you."

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time for my planner, but I spotted the MSC and it must have been fate as I joined with minutes to spare! I’m loving it!! Took fifteen minutes today to look through all the content and watched the FB Messenger Video tonight and am super excited to have set up Sparkle – my bot! Subscribers are coming in thick and fast already so will set aside another 15 minutes tomorrow to think of a way to promote my bot! Claire has been such a help already and I’m only day two into the MSC! You have got me excited to market again! Thank you xx JoJo Lloyd, Designs From The Heart

"My investment has already exceeded my expectations."

Having made the switch from working in the corporate world to being a sole trader, I knew I needed to invest in myself to learn the skills I was missing. My investment in MSC has already exceeded my expectations and seen a return on this expense through increased sales in my business. The bite-size content is perfect for me as a busy mum as I can make progress throughout the day. Using the content in the portal has given me time to focus on implementing things in my business rather than figuring out how to use a program like Canva! Lovely to be part of supportive FB community too. Louise Green

"Thank you so much, this has really helped my business."

I always struggled with marketing and thought it was such a minefield and never really knew where to start. My marketing was predominantly reactive with what I thought I needed to do for the swim school. I have really changed focus since signing up to the Awesome Marketing Planner package. Not only is my marketing on the up with a more planned strategy, Claire provides fantastic guidance and videos that make all aspects really straightforward (less scary!) and easy to understand. Thank you so much, this has really helped my business. Amelia Hooley, Southern Cygnet Swim School

"Definitely worth the money spent on Quick Fix Money Maker."

I think the very thought of some of these quick-fixes have made an impact already for me. Whilst in the planning stage of some of them I suddenly had a burst of sales within my business, which saw me reach almost 50% of my required target within two days! I’ve just started putting some of the fixes into place but am reaping small rewards at present. I’ve already started turning some of the quick-fix ideas into a more long-term plan too. They’re sparking ideas that will help to pad out my business plan overall. Definitely worth the money spent on the Quick Fix Money Maker course Claire, thanks!” Kat Wills, Therapist and Shop Owner

"My investment has already exceeded my expectations."

I’ve found the courage to stop hiding my skills away, and thinking that people will just find me because they need me. I’m working my way through the portal modules, regularly interacting in the FB group – found some awesome people locally & networking with on a regular basis. I’ve increased my client base & things are set to get very exciting! I know my numbers on a monthly basis; developing my strategy for moving forward; and one of my REALLY scary things, was reviewing and then increasing my prices. My clients haven’t even noticed! Claire Mitchell is awesome! Gill Grigg